New tiles imitating older materials, for the renovation of a roof.

One of our exceptional strengths is the ability to install a tile roof the correct way. As basic and deserving as that might sound, we have endured a lengthy career by repairing and/or replacing both concrete and clay tile systems here in Southern Arizona -which were worn out entirely prematurely due to ineffective installation. Certified by the National Tile Roofing Institute, our crew will insure that all components of your tile job are installed to the strictest of standards. This includes proper flashing techniques, superior underlayment, a swing-taped uniform lay-out to follow and an extensive written warranty. Tile roofs have been around for thousands of years and if done correctly, they can last a lifetime! Our estimator will guide you through many options and the further relative information in need. Click here to arrange a free estimate and roof evaluation



Shingle roofs are straight-forward and probably the most economical friendly roof system we install here at the Roof Associates. Available in a multitude of colors and aesthetic variety, our estimator can provide you many samples to look at, show you before and after pictures of previous jobs and even present a digital presentation that will allow our roofing software to project the roof of your choice atop your house or building. Unlike some of our competition, our shingle roofs are completed maintenance free; this is conducted by properly flashing all roof protrusions and tie-in points the right way -which NEVER leaves the customer dependent upon exposed roof cement or other liquid sealants. Click here to arrange a free estimate today.



In today’s market, there are a number of metal roof options available, including standing seam, metal shingles, metal that is rolled into a tile profile, copper roofs, etc. Indeed, metal roofs appear to be a long-term solution to those homeowners willing to make the investment, but the homeowner should also know the associated limitations. We at the Roof Associates pride ourselves in giving an honest and accurate assessment of each job we’re lucky enough to propose. We have a multitude of options relating to metal roofs. Please contact us soon, as we are ready for your call!

Flat Roofs and Periodic Roof Coatings:

View  of Centrovia industrial zone, La Muela, Saragossa province, Aragon, Spain

Flat roofs are a vague term utilized within the roofing industry that usually describes low pitch roofs that are below 4 inches of rise for every 12 inches of run. Built-up reflective roof systems dominate the Southern Arizona market and do an effective job of eliminating heat from entering the building space below. There are a number of options available in this regard, with insulation board possibilities, and a diverse variety of materials to choose from, of which many possess different maintenance requirements and wind resistances. Periodic elastomeric roof coatings protect the underlying roof system. This service will also reflect much of the heat transfer associated with the desert sun. It should be noted that while a roof coating might appear to be a “do-it-yourself” or “handyman” type of project, it’s really quite the opposite. When a roof coating service is properly conducted, a group of other skilled services (pressure wash and chemical cleansing agents, 3-course seals, scupper knock-downs, build-up, membrane work, etc.) is provided in concert with the application of the elastomeric roof coating. We have had many customers who have made the mistake of either doing this work themselves or hiring a family friend or handyman -only to trap moisture or debris between the layers below…which often leads to only one solution: a costly tear-off and new roof! Please contact us to arrange a professional evaluation…

Flat Roof/BUR Restoration:


We have a number of solutions for a new flat roof, but our restoration services often prove a worthy alternative. Proven via former jobs and an extensive before and after collage of photos available, a thorough roof restoration can be provided utilizing a number of products -mostly entrenched in a rolled membrane. Usually half the cost of a new roof, and without the mess, these services are ideal for both homeowners but especially commercial properties, as there are often some substantial tax advantages. If this is a service that you are considering, please request our photo album to verify our most impressive restoration pictures. We are very proud of the work we have provided in this regard. There is much more to discuss! Please utilize our contact link and arrange a site visit today…

Parapet Waterproofing:


Yes, we provide parapet wall repair, as should all roofers because we are water-proofers! Originally trained in underground/below-grade waterproofing, these services have expanded through the years to include a solution to the everyday problem of the cracked stucco atop the parapet wall. Taking in moisture on a continuous basis, the often-unseen cracks atop many parapet walls are posing a direct threat to the integrity of the Southern Arizona home. Utilizing a patching compound that differs from any masonry product, the material we use is designed to elongate against contraction and expansion while also waterproofing the contents below. This service is usually then further treated with a breathable elastomeric wall coating that is color-matched to blend in with the paint already in use. Affordable and easily justified, please click here to arrange a free estimate and evaluation today.



Proper ventilation is probably the most overlooked need within the roofing industry here in Tucson. Yes, we indeed live in one of the hottest places in the world and moreover, we experience massive arrays of temperature change throughout the course of our desert seasons. The reasons to incorporate a properly executed ventilation plan into our homes are backed by statistical measurements that are incredibly impressive.

Proper venting lowers energy costs, keep damaging moisture out of the crawl or attic space, decreases the lure of termite infestation, and allows your insulation to work better…it also promotes roof longevity, and is required by many roofing material manufacturer warranty guidelines.

Yes, a properly executed ventilation system will add a further expense to your project, but the payback is quick and certainly provides an impressive long-term value.  Each property is different in this need. We are certified in roof ventilation through various manufacturers and would be happy to provide a specific and free evaluation for you asap. Please click here.     


Wooden roof Shingle texture

A shake style roof allows for a distinctive look and can be provided in a multitude of varieties, including cedar, composite, metal, and even concrete that is stamped to look just like natural wood. These types of roof systems provide a craftsman’s touch that allows for dramatic curb appeal and added value for the home. Today’s shake roofs are often Class A fire rated and can last a lifetime if properly installed! There are many options to discuss! Please contact us here…

Fireplace Crown Restoral:

13b after crown service

Fireplace crowns are often the sources of moisture intrusion and are often overlooked. As a result, we have perfected a waterproofing solution to these areas to avoid any troublesome damage that otherwise might be attributed to a faulty roof system. Contact us here to arrange a further evaluation…

Walking Decks, Balconies and Pedestrian Areas:

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Mostly unknown to the homeowner and even many contractors alike, walking decks and balconies are not an asphalt-based roofing system, but rather, a hard-type of urethane material that doesn’t soften in the sun or become too brittle in the cold. If you have a walking deck or would like one installed, it is imperative that your contractor is well trained and capable of maintaining or installing these systems designed for extensive foot traffic and outdoor furniture. It should be further noted that a standard elastomeric roof coating will ruin the surface, which will then require complete removal, re-decking, and further costs. There are many bonding precautions to be taken when applying a new surface too. We are proud to state that we are certified installers of these products and are of a small group of contractors here in Tucson with such a capacity. Please click here to arrange a free evaluation today.

Preventive Maintenance:

High quality 3D render with clipping path.

All roofs require preventive maintenance and occasional inspection. Undeniably, some roof systems require more than others. For example, tile on roofs tend to sometimes crack just on account of expansion and contraction and a general exposure to the outside elements, as do the mortar points and adhesives used. Shingle roofs if done properly require the lowest of maintenance (usually speaking) but should be periodically checked to ensure no damage has occurred or wind damage sustained. Some flat roofs require elastomeric coatings and further repair work every handful of years and this service will promote roof longevity, or if not provided, deteriorate the expected life span of such a roof system. All roofs should be cleared of debris that could be blocking the drainage areas; this type of maintenance is usually expected by the contractor, material provider and your insurance company. We have seen many customers denied service via their insurance provider on the basis of what they have called “neglect.”  In every case, preventive maintenance is key to the permanence and service protection available from all roof systems. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns.



Skylights can allow for a dramatic effect unto the living space below. Mostly unknown however is the fact that many conventional skylight lenses are allowing a tremendous amount of heat and destructive ultra violet (UV) rays to project towards the interior of home, and even worse, there are many contractors that do not understand the weeping and drainage system of a standard skylight assembly. In today’s market, we have some great solutions to these difficulties, which include the use of either a specific type of weather sealed tube skylight or a special acrylic lens -both restrict heat and damaging UV transfer. Our skylight units can be installed fairly easily, and have a variety of options, including: darkening shades, fresh-air options, vent fans and even light bulbs for those darker hours. Please contact us to arrange a free evaluation today…