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We are always in search of our city’s best roofers! If you feel you might be a good fit here at Southern Arizona Roof Associates, we welcome your inquiry!

Looking For a Career?

Look No Further!

Roofers, Check This Out!

We are currently in search for apprentices, and experienced workers, alike!
We aim to offer retirement, health benefits, paid days off, and a formalized expansion in pay! We provide uniforms, and the utilization of new trucks, and properly working equipment. We practice and endure all safety protocols, and we have an employee game room to rival the best! We have good times here, we laugh and joke around, enjoy our friendships and create brotherhoods, and we think of each other as family! This company can offer you a career, stability, advancement, and all the perks! We’re financially big enough to cover your needs, but we’re small enough to still care! Come get the respect you deserve! Call 520-GET-ROOF today and get on board! We need your help yesterday! Our phones are ringing off the hook with work!

New to our industry?

Our self-constructed apprentice program evolves our new hires through the industry from day 1, into a certified master of the trade! Upon completion, you should be granted the opportunity to run your own crew, share profits, and possess a new company truck! You will have a retirement package in place, health benefits, paid days off, and most importantly, you will have job security and a real ability to progress! So what’s the catch? This job is hard, only do-able by the strongest and those who possess self-discipline and an ability to work tough, in some extremely hot conditions, it’s dangerous…and your commitment must be genuine! The reward is worth the endeavor! You will be part of an elite group…whose work ethic is only met by a few! You’ll earn an honest day’s wage, work on your future goals, and you will be respected as one of the best tradesman around! We pay more than most from day one, and certainly more upon your path’s conclusion, but we demand more too: no drugs, no drama, no excuses! Let’s do this! Your future awaits!

Experienced in our trade?

Even better, as you know what this job takes! Are you ready to be your best? Ready for benefits and steady pay increases? Want a chance to share profits? Here’s the deal:
We are a different kind of employer…and we expect the best! We’ve hired many so-called journeyman, who have been doing it wrong from day 1, and those guys are usually the most difficult to conform … so, we require a commitment to proper technique, a dedication to our company, a concern for our customer and our business longevity, and a humbleness to learn more…Got what it takes? Call 520-GET-ROOF now, and let’s have a conversation! We promise to pay well, respect your livelihood, and give you the career you deserve!

As an employer:

1) We provide livable wages to our employees, as we respect the physical endurance and craftsmanship that goes into working within a field that is exceptionally dangerous and only do-able by the strongest of labors. Owner Dan Thatcher is a roofer who has endured those hard days personally; our cowboy hats go off to any person capable of dedicating his career to such extremities! Your paycheck should reflect that dedication!

 2) A local, outsourced professionally ran human resource company is provided for the convenience of our employees. As roofers, we leave these supplementary needs to the specialists. This company is available for all of your related requests, including: all compliance issues, legal questions, benefits, payroll, workman’s compensation, etc.

 3) 11 uniforms are provided for each worker with a weekly laundry service -without charge to the employee. We believe this benefit is a win-win, as the employee does not have the burden of ruining their own cloths and doesn’t have the trouble of washing those clothes at home, and we benefit from having an employee who projects a professional appearance. Simply take half of your uniforms home and then deposit the dirties in the provided bin at the shop for next week’s clean delivery.

 4) Safety is a major priority here at Southern Arizona Roof Associates. OSHA guidelines will be followed, and safety training will be made available. Safety harnesses, and other protective gear will be provided at the company’s expense. If ever an employee has a special safety concern, all requests will be accommodated to ensure that worker’s well-being. We are small enough to care, but still financially capable to meet those needs; we are happy to oblige! Please do not hesitate to request an item that makes you safe!

Company Culture and Expectations:

1) We believe our company is like a family, and we will treat every employee with respect and dignity. Enough cannot be said about the exceptional qualities it takes to be a roofer within our extreme environment. Our roofers are an elite group, whose job standards can only be met by the few. With that said, we expect a higher level of production and commitment than most other roofing companies. We believe in paying our roofers a higher wage because they deserve it, but we expect our roofers to shine above the standard. This is not a company that tolerates drug use, repeated absence, or drama at the workplace.

2) We expect perfection on the rooftop, where our customer is given more than what they’ve contracted for, and we expect that our customer’s property will be respected and treated with the best of our capabilities. We do not allow quick-fixes to save time -when these fixes come at the expense of our customer. We believe our trade carries an obligation and duty to provide optimal service. We are the best, not the cheapest or fastest…

3) We do not allow for what we would determine as sloppy work, which might be tolerated at many other roofing companies. For example: Tile will be set using a swing-tape method to ensure a uniform look -with proper head lap, and every flashing detail will be provided with exactness. Shingle work will be laid straight, with proper tie-in points and flashing details that leave the customer maintenance free. All roof coatings will be provided with exceptional line work at walls and edges, and all with the proper 3-course work and appropriate coverage rates. We will never utilize inadequate material or re-use any other component that is less than perfect. Furthermore, we do not leave nails on the ground, use the customer’s trash cans, or even leave a fingerprint on our newly installed drip edge. There will be no waste left on the rooftop upon our completion, all grounds in our adjacent area are to be magnet-wheeled, broomed, blown, and all gravel is to be raked wherever our walking path was used. There will be no loose gravel kicked atop the sidewalks upon our departure each day, etc.

This list is of course not provided in totality, but is intended to give a general expectation as to what is required. If you are unwilling to provide the extra time needed for our customer, you needn’t apply. We have fired many men throughout the years that could not meet these demands -all of which promised to do so before hiring. Again, we strive to be the best and the most genuine roofing company in the city, as this is our reputation, we work hard for it, and it will not be compromised. We have a duty to our customer and we are appreciative of their trust and respectful to their property, pets, and family members.  

4) We require a dedicated team attitude and a synergy amongst employees. This scenario dictates that each employee is just not responsible to the company and our customers, but also to each one of his co-workers. In essence, when one person is not pulling their weight, it comes at the cost of each other employee’s bonus. It should also be noted that all warranty work provided and/or each call back we have to attend to comes directly at the expense of the bonus pool. In short, if we have to provide such a service, each employee will be still be paid their hourly wage, but that expense along with overhead and some missed opportunity cost will be pulled from the available funds in the bonus pool, thus lowering each employee’s share.

5) We provide a rock-n-roll type atmosphere at work, have a lot of fun, and appreciate the comradery and friendship amongst our workers. This all makes for a happier workplace and a seemingly shorter day. We have a pool table at the shop, host dart tournaments after work, and have an annual holiday party, etc. We expect our employees to fit in with the company culture.

6) Southern Arizona Roof Associates is an equal employment opportunity company and follows all applicable employer laws and compliance issues. These specifics can be provided upon the hiring process, which again, will be processed by an outsourced human resource company assigned for these needs.

If you would like to submit an inquiry for employment, please click here, where we will contact you asap to arrange an interview with the owner, Dan Thatcher.

We are currently hiring both eager labors ready to learn a new trade, as well as experienced roofers. We have a work load that is steady and forever growing. We look forward to meeting you soon!