Why Choose Us?

Longer warranties - Premium Materials - Certified Journeymen Roofers

No Subcontracted Labor - No Piece Work - Aligned Interests

Liability Insured - National Endorsements – Formally Trained

Uniformed Workers – Branded Trucks – Meticulous Clean Up

Our commitment to our customer and our trade provides a successful position for both our client and us.

It’s a win-win!

 We simply provide a superior service, while utilizing top quality materials -which allows our roof systems to last much longer than most of our competitors. This is further provided with meticulous flashing details, and a cautious effort to surpass all manufacturer’s specifications, but mostly, a big concern for our customer and their home!

 In return, we have a very happy customer, endure many referrals, and we undergo a very small warranty expense!

 Why are we so different?

 Along with passion and pride in our craft, our greatest asset is our employees.

 We believe we have a duty and moral obligation to our client to provide honesty, value and integrity. We do not employ sales people on commission, under-paid piece-work crews, and we do not sub-contract any of our work.

 Our roofing crews are properly trained and certified in their specialties! What’s more is that the majority of our employees have worked by our side for over a decade! This is one of our strongest assets here at the Roof Associates! Each job is at all times ran by an onsite supervisor, along with journeyman/certified roofers, whom many have worked with our company’s owner Dan Thatcher between 10-20 years! With a current 150 plus years of accumulated experience, we enjoy a unique business model that gives us a strong competitive advantage against our fellow roofing contractor! 

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Need more assurance?

Upon completion, each job is still inspected by our company’s owner, Dan Thatcher. Dan is a generational roofer with numerous roofing credentials and awards, a Tucson native and University of Arizona Eller College of Management alumnus, who has been a journeyman roofer for over 20 years. Schedule your appointment here…

Southern Arizona Roof Associates

Roof Labor: Not a Standard Commodity

Simply put, a roof is not a roof…and roofing labor is not a commodity. It should not be an investment determined on price alone. Your roof could be the most important piece of protection you can buy for your home or commercial building. To many of us, it is the insurance policy (if you will) that protects one of the largest investments of our lives. The roof shelters every component of the home below, all of its contents, and should be assembled to allow for proper ventilation -which promotes improved HVAC usage, reduces wear and tear on insulation, appliances, provides termite/pest resistance, and limits moisture accumulation in the crawl space. 

A properly installed roof promotes air quality in the home, avoids costly interior damage and restricts potential mold growth. A properly installed roof focuses on VALUE, and should provide special attention to all vulnerable areas (90% of roof leaks derive from 10% of the roof area). At Southern Arizona Roof Associates, we believe this VALUE is given to our customer via the use of superior materials, proper attention to wind resistance, legitimate fastening patterns, custom-made flashing work, and a strict adherence to all guidelines in place.

"We have worked via word of mouth for the last 2 decades, and our ability to earn our customer’s referral is never taken for granted! If we haven’t earned a referral, we haven’t done our job!"

-Dan Thatcher, Managing Owner

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