Meet the Team Behind Southern Arizona Roof Associates


We feel it’s worth knowing who’ll be handling the details of your project. Below is a quick bio on some of our key employees. These team members have been with us for years, some over 2 decades! This list is not in its entirety, as we have many more honorable mentions, including some all-star apprentices, and some incredible out of sight staff!

Owner, Dan Thatcher

Our owner Dan Thatcher is a multi-generational roofer with nearly 3 decades of field experience. A Tucson native, a University of Arizona graduate, and a last name that literally means “roof maker,” Dan grew up roofing (ever since he could pick up a hammer) with his late father Walt (a union journeyman roofer and former roof inspector for the city of Tucson), taking on his own “side jobs” by his late teens and later developing into a full fledge master of his trade by his early thirties. Today, decades later, Dan still provides some roof work, but mostly coaches and manages his crews, led by his two younger brothers and some longtime friends, who have roofed with the family over 20 years themselves. Dan is married to his wife of 21 years (a registered nurse), has a son in college, and prides himself on being disciplined to his work, caring for his employees, and being true to his customer’s needs. Dan’s focus remains dedicated to his trade, with an old-fashioned commitment to craftsmanship. Dan has been a roofing consultant for our industry for many years, holds numerous trade credentials, and is still very much involved in the daily operations here at the Roof Associates.

Melanie, Office Manager

Melanie is such a crucial member of our association! We believe a business should be reachable when needed, and Melanie delivers! In fact, her dedication over the last handful of years has been so impressive: she has never unexpectedly missed a day of work, nor ever been late! She ensures our golden rule -that dictates every single missed call, email or text is returned -no matter the request. She is forever up to the challenges here too -despite the often and overwhelming demand. She has implemented complicated software systems, learned many of the tech-specifics of our roof system processes, and increased our proficiencies to a major degree! Truth be told, we are so much more successful with her here! Her job is to keep our administrative needs in order, craft our scheduling, and foster productivity. She is available to provide real customer service -a lost art in our industry, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, excluding major holidays. Melanie is an amazing mom to 2 wonderful kids, plays soccer in her free time, and is a big music lover. Melanie and our owner Dan went to junior high school together, as did their kids, who are also close friends. Melanie is a genuine soul and will without doubt do her best to provide you with the finest service possible!

Rusty, Operations Manager

Our ops manager Rusty is hands-down the reason behind many of our successes. Another Tucson native, a man who has never had another job outside of working for us, and a Master of Production, Rusty is no doubt our company owner’s best-loved guy…forever loyal, forever industrious, and always a customer favorite. Rusty ensures our efficiency like no other. A maestro of the trade himself, Rusty is a trained journeyman roofer, who always goes the long road for both us and our customer. A coach, an instructor, and always a friend, Rusty is a pillar within our company and is very sincere about his service. Rusty is incredibly knowledgeable on the particulars of code, safety, and material compliance -to ensure you a proper installation. He is married to his childhood sweetheart (one of the best moms we know -and partly our “shop mom” too, as she bakes a cake for every employee’s birthday!), he is a father to 3 amazing kids, and is an inspirational dad and husband to all his co-workers! We are blessed to have Rusty on board and forever grateful for his efforts, sacrifices and dedication. Chances are you will work with Rusty during some point of your project with us. He will no doubt “wow you” just as he has done for us for all these years!

Chris, Supervisor, Crew Lead

Chris is our all-star master roofer, supervising journeyman, and all around get it done, go-to guy! Probably the fastest guy on staff, Chris is a well-oiled machine, an inherent artist (painter and illustrator in his spare time), and he never tires! Chris is a constant brilliance for all our younger apprentices, and one heck of a teacher! He has always led by example and has forever been notably competitive with our owner Dan on their roofing skill sets! Chris and Dan have had many roofing competitions through the years, and have no doubt pushed each other to be their best, but Dan will never admit a loss… Beware, Chris is a charmer. You’ll be friends with him before the job is complete. His hobbies include an obsession for the gym and the outdoors, and he’s a professional catch and release bass fisherman -often ranked in the top 5 in Arizona! He will sign your fishing pole for free, and give you endless fishing tips if need, ha! Chris is a father of two perfect children and is married to a wonderful woman. He has worked with us for nearly 2 decades and is another essential member of our organization.

Ben, Supervisor, Crew Lead

Ben is another essential employee here, to whom we are forever grateful. Ben is a journeyman roofer, a veteran of the trade, and one who never misses a day of work! He has worked with our family over 2 decades and we can’t recall him ever calling in sick! Dedicated in full, a funnyman on the job, the toughest man in site, and a commitment to his work like no other, Ben is a resource that should put our customer needs at complete ease. Always going the extra distance for our client, we are proud to call Ben one of primary Roof Associates! Ben holds many credentials and is an educated roofer, knowing applicable code and industry standards to ensure his jobsites are ran to the highest standards. Married to his childhood friend and father of one daughter, Ben is a family man who never stops working -whether it be here or on his own personal garage projects, on his miniature farm, or helping a friend in need. Ben is known for his amazing beard, his dapper George Clooney looks, and his ability to fix almost anything…Ben hails from Chicago originally, and is an avid Bears fan, of which he must endure the truth with many Mondays…but rest assure, if Ben is on your job, things are going to be done above and beyond!

Marc, Lead Associate

Marc has worked with the family some 2 decades and is an entirely dedicated employee too! Marc’s main role here is to take care of our customer’s home, as a ground man mostly. Yes, you read that right, a roofing service from the ground…because our customer deserves constant cleanup and a respect for their landscaping, vehicles…even going so far to ensure your bin’s proper placement on trash day, access for your mail man, a clearing of loose gravel atop your sidewalk at the end of the day, a respect for your neighbor’s space, and a straightening up of your hose -should we need it moved. Marc is a new father, an incredible family man, and probably the best son and caretaker his late Father Teno (a distinguished veteran) could have ever hoped for, and he’s an avid member of his church. We are proud to have been able to provide Marc a job to call home for so many years. Marc is the guy who will remain pretty silent on the jobsite, but will diligently and to absolute perfection make sure your property is in a pristine state upon our departure, and he will always thank our customer for gracing us with the work. Marc is strong as nails too, and he loves the physical aspect of his job! Roofer, friend, tutor, sports nut … Marc is an all-around superstar!